Thursday, March 08, 2007

I've blogged before about my nesting doll collection. I grew up with Matryoshka Dolls. And I wanted my home to have them also. Since my 2004 post the collection has grown a little bit. Niel has given me a Mickey nesting doll and I gave him a Mike Piazza one. Again I've become obsessed with finding nesting dolls. Not necessarily the dolls itself but things that have their image or remind me of them. I have been lucky. In the last few weeks I purchased a necklace, pin and a tissue holder. Slowly I will add more.


Lisanne said...

That necklace is funky and cute! :) I had a penpal in the Soviet Union for just a short time (when I was a kid), and she sent me some nesting dolls. No clue what happened to them, though!

Lisa said...

Oh I love the Mickey one!