Wednesday, March 07, 2007

At Target Niel spotted new flavors of Jello:Pina Coloda, Margerita and Strawberry Daquiri. They are for a limited time only though. Something intersting to consider for your next get together. Heck if you want to make it really more interesting you can add alcohol to them. Or not. Niel purchased the Margerita. We wanted to taste the flavor without alcohol, but I put them in fancy Martini glasses to set. It smelled wierd when I added the hot water when I was making them and the color was a glowy neon. It didn't taste any better after they set. I recommend adding alcohol to the Margerita. We'll try to see if the other two flavors are still available and see what they taste like as well.

Niel photo


Lisanne said...

Wow! Those would be *so* much fun to try! Thanks for the tip, Ani!

laura said...

Hmm. The Pina Colada ones piqued my interest, but I guess, in the end, I'd rather drink one :)

Mike said...

I think you may be better off taking your favorite jello flavor and and adding some vodka or gin. That should do the "trick" ;-).

I dont like when companies take something good like a jelly bean or jello and make some wacky flavor. Jelly Belly's are great, until you get to the crazy flavors like jalapeno and peanut butter.

This post reminds me of your turkey soda experiment :-) I got a little naucious reading that post :-)