Thursday, November 04, 2004

Nesting Dolls Posted by Hello

I have been collecting nesting dolls for three years now. I have been finding/getting one a year. It just worked out that way. The first one is the Russian nesting doll. She reminds me of the one my family had when I was growing up. The second one is the Care Bear nesting doll. Niel brought it for me two Christmas's ago because I like the Care Bears. The last one is the Canadian Mounty nesting doll. He is the smallest and we purchased him in Victoria, British Columbia. He reminds me of our trip to Canada. Here is a website that gives information about nesting dolls.

A few posts ago I mentioned that a crown fell out of my mouth and I have been having dental work ever since. I found the crown this morning in a jacket I hadn't worn since then. For some reason I thought I put the crown in my bag. This is the funny conversation that ensued with Niel who was there when I found the crown:

Me: "Oh here is my missing crown"(showing Niel)

Niel: Ulll that's gross what else do you have in your jacket pocket Jimmy Hoffa.

I then started to laugh hysterically.

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