Friday, March 09, 2007

As most of you know by now I have tummy troubles. Had them since high school. Perhaps earlier. Every few months I get constipated. Probably due to stress because physically my gastreontologist can't find a reason. A few years ago I had to be hospitalized because I couldn't go for an entire month. That was horrible. Since then I have found ways to deal with theis problem. One of the solutions I have found, a more recent one, is by eating Activia. It's made by Dannon. It tastes like any other yogurt. But you need to be on it permanently. Which I don't have a problem with because I love yogurt. I just hope my body doesn't get used to Activia like it has with other medications. Besides the Activia I have to eat cereal with high fiber, veggies and drink loads of water. Just thought I should mention it in case anyone out there has digestive troubles as well.


Margaret said...

Hi there. Yes, you were nominated for an award last summer. Here is the url for the review:

I usually write to the winners and give them an award button or chicklet code. I can dig those up if you'd like.

On another note, Activia! It's about time this has came out. I've taken yogurt for a variety of ailments and recently with tummy troubles and medications - on a daily basis. This stuff is wonderful.

Take care.

Jesser said...

Luv this stuff!! Ate it daily in early pregnancy to help things ... hehe