Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

My husband, bless his heart made our dinner. I had found this recipe for Corned Beef with vegetables. He said it was very easy to prepare. I would only change the water to 1 cup and the vegetables really need an hour to cook for them to be tender.  But the beef tasted amazing at 3 hours. Literally was falling apart.



1 package Corned Beef Brisket
6 potatoes quartered
3 carrots, cut into chunks
1 green cabbage, cut up 2 Tablespoons
1 Tablespoon Minced Garlic
½ cup hot water


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Unwrap the brisket and place it fat side up inside the baking dish.
3. If it came with a spice packet, sprinkle it over the top, then sprinkle on the black peppercorns and minced garlic and rub it in.
4. Cover the dish with a lid or heavy aluminum foil and place it in the oven for 2½ hours­3½ hours.
5. Check the brisket by inserting a fork in the meat.
6. If it goes in easily, it’s ready; if it meets with resistance, bake for another 30 minutes­­­or up to an hour in some cases!
7. If the brisket is tough, it hasn't cooked long enough!
8. Once the brisket is fork ­tender, remove it from the oven and let it rest, covered loosely in foil. Add cabbage and veggies during the last ½ hour­ 45 minutes plus water
9. Slice Corned beef into good sized slices, serve veggies along side.

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