Monday, December 03, 2007

Now that the site of food doesn't repel me(well not often) and the snow the city got on Sunday, I spent the entire day cooking from breakfast to dinners for Sunday through Tuesday. It was my cleaning out the freezer day. Nice and cozy. I made Jess's delicious recipe for lasagna, fajitas, and an easy Lamby Curry I made up which I have mentioned before.

I want to go into detail about what I made for breakfast. I've expressed here previously my love of biscuits with gravy. But I have had trouble making the gravy from scratch, so when I visited a supermarket that had products my local one doesn't I found a premade package of gravy.

Niel liked it a lot and it was convenient to have but I think I will try again to make biscuits with gravy from scratch. There is nothing like it.

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Jesser said...

Ooh! Have you had the lasagna yet? You'll have to tell me how you like it. I really need to make it again ... it was very tasty.