Wednesday, August 08, 2007

There is a take out place in Niel's old neighborhood that we like to buy chicken from on occasion. It's called Chicken Galore and apparently they have a sister location in New Jersey. But Niel and now I too like to call it Porno Chicken. That is because their logo is of a sexy chicken. Well if chickens could be sexy that is.

Chicken Galore has really flavorful chicken, but also fries and macaroni salad. They used to have good biscuits too. But now switched to cornbread. They are under new management and were renovating for a few weeks. We both were wanting some of their food while they were closed. They finally reopened and they now offer gyros on their menu. Pretty good also.

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Mike said...

lately I've been obsessed with corn bread. I can't get enough of it. It goes really well with any kind of grilled or bbq's pork or chicken. I wanna try making corn bread stuffing.

There is a chain down here called Hard Times Cafe where they serve this dish called the Chili Bubba. It's two kinds of chili served over two pieces of corn bread, topped with tomatoes, onions and cheese. Damn is that good. The corn bread compliments the chili really well. I like their Terlangua and Texas red chili. I don't like Cincinatti chili.