Thursday, May 03, 2007

I don’t know what it is about bacon, but I LOVE IT. Bacon is partly the reason why I couldn’t completely go vegetarian. You can eat bacon crunchy or a bit soft. Alone, with breakfast, in a sandwich, hugging a roast or a loaf of some sort. Bacon just rules. Ok except maybe maple flavored. But I even tolerated that with some pancakes. To me bacon should be salty. Besides American bacon, I have been lucky enough to find Canadian and Irish bacons as well. And now I can add rind on bacon to that list. Rind on is bacon with the skin still attached and takes longer to cook because it is so thick. I think rind on bacon works better as flavoring in a stew or sauce rather than a breakfast meat.


Mike said...

Bacon is awesome. I prefer the regular old "American" bacon. To me Canadian bacon is just like ham.

Bacon is the king of all food, people wrap other foods in bacon to make it taste better. Bacon is king!!!

You ask someone if they want a salad and usually they are like "ehhh, no thanks". You tell them the salad had bacon bits and their eyes light up. Bacon rules.

If it weren't for steak, chicken, cold cuts, jerky, and pork chops I could go vegetarian ;-)

Shannon said...

There's a cookbook out there called Everything's better with Bacon. I believe they're right. Bacon rocks.