Thursday, May 26, 2005

I've always been curious about the variety of foods there are in the world. Especially for breakfast. All the different type of breakfast meats. Particularly Canadian Bacon. describes it as "Canadian bacon is made the rib-eye of the pork loin." While "In the U.S. bacon is made from pork bellies."

Niel and I ate some for breakfast our last day in British Columbia a few years ago.

Since then I've cooked with it a few times for breakfast. I made something I saw in the South Beach Diet book called, egg cups. I put the bacon in a greased muffin pan and put a scrabbled egg with Cheddar cheese over it and then bake it. Sometimes I'll just fry the bacon. It's nice to have different breakfast meat options.

Recently I found that Oscar Meyer also makes it and surprisingly it tastes as good as the Canadian brand I found in the supermarket.

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Mike said...

I like makin bacon on the beach....Mmmmmmm bacon!!!!

foodiechickie said...

Then you may want to try Canadian Bacon.

*~*Michelle*~* said...

How can you not a like a person who takes pics of their bacon cooking! Fun blog...and that tart..OMG! Yum!

foodiechickie said...

Thank you. How did you find me?

Yvett said...

I love breakfast foods too but I'm really a breakfast eater. My son's baby shower was a breakfast party at a Mexican restaurant in Juarez. Yum. There's not really any bacon in those foods but still really delicious. That bacon looks good.

foodiechickie said...

What a great idea a breakfast themed baby shower. Oooh I was at a wedding gift opening soiree during breakfast and man that was good.