Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. Ours was nice and relaxing. I had some extra time in addition to the three day weekend and although we planned in a little away time those plans were changed for some more important things. So we made do with other activities. Of course we also cleaned, did laundry and ran errands. I think three day weekends are perfect. One day for cleaning and errands, one day for relaxing and one day for something fun. We caught up with DVR'd shows, watched a bunch of movies(Because I said so:awful, Who Killed The Electric Car:Saddening, and Cheaper By The Dozen 2: Cute. Niel and I also relaxed at the park and watched a children's birthday party. It looked like they took their ideas from the film Cheaper By The Dozen. Niel had the great idea to purchase some low lawn chairs to sit on. Luckily he found them at Cosco. The last place on our list. Niel got to hang out with Kelvin (who was up visiting), a couple of times. We visited family. Niel helped my dad get the internet up. Thanks again sweets. We also went to Old Bethpage Village. It is 150 acres of land in Long Island dedicated to preserving old homes and shops in Long Island from the 1600's to the 1800's. As we walked through the building to pay for our tickets we didn't really know what to expect. There were some displays set up there. But once we got past the ramp outside there was this open field and up ahead was the town. I felt like we were transported back in time. The employees were dressed in traditional costume and told the story of each house or shop. They waved to us as they drove in old fashioned cars and horses. Some of them mini. They also had a farm with the cutest pigs. I named the mother Imelda Porkos. Yes cheesy I know. But things like that make me laugh. They were shearing some sheep and one of the lambs was crying because it was his mom who was being sheered instead of hanging out with him. He was probably hungry. We walked around a bit and it was so hot. So we went into the tavern where they served ginger ale(LOL) and birch beer. The field is used for baseball games which we are going to go back and watch sometime. It was a neat experience.

Remember June 12 is the deadline to email me your recipes for Weekend Cook Book Challenge. Cornmeal is the main ingredient. Thanks.

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Jesser said...

Ahhhh... sounds like a lovely weekend. Three days is very nice, I agree.