Wednesday, May 30, 2007

For the last few weeks I noticed something I had never seen or heard of before in the freezer section of my local supermarket. Scrapple. It looked interesting so I brought some.

I should have done some research before purchasing it because I was not impressed. But I'd like to try different foods at least once, more if I really like them. Scrapple doesn't fall in the more than once category for me.

Scrapple as the name suggest is scraps of meat, particularly pork that a butcher mixes with flour and corn meal and sells it. It was a popular way not to be wasteful with one's food. I guess if I was hungry and that was the one of the few "food" items available I would eat it too.

I found it a bit too grainy and it fell apart when I cooked it. Niel said it best though "what do you expect when it has the word crap in it?" LOL.

And speaking of pork did you guys hear about this story?


Adelaide said...

OMG Ani, I can't believe you actually bought that!!!!! {PUKE}

Hahaha ;)

Jessica said...

That kinda reminds me of head cheese. Ewww... :)

Sara said...

They don't sell that in Canada, that's for sure! I've heard of it before, but for some reason I thought it had something to do with fruit.

Jesser said...

Maybe you're thinking of "Snapple" the yummy fruit beverages. ;) I hae never heard of or seen this Scrapple stuff, but I will steer clear if I do ... hehe. Our Girl Scout troop leader once tried to make me eat Spam. I went hungry instead.

Lisa said...

I love Scrapple! LOVE IT! There are two good ways to cook it. The first way, put some butter int he pan, slice it kinda thin and cook it on one side until it is crispy and really dark brown, then and only then flip it. It will stay together better! The second way is to slice it and dip it in a little flour and deep fry it in a deep fryer until crispy!