Monday, March 12, 2007

The weekend was good. Niel and I took advantage of the semi warm but very sunny weather by going out. We had breakfast Saturday morning at a neat new coffee shop and crepier that opened up in Niel's mom's neighborhood. Niel and I each had a Jack cheese and ham omelet crepe. They put the omelet in the crepe. My mother in law had a sugar and butter crepe. The prices are very affordable and the amount of food they offer is incredible. Niel ran into some friends of his there. Besides coffee and crepes they also have muffins, croissants and juice. It is beautifully decorated too.
Niel and I also took a stroll around a few parks, then came home to watch some films. Miami Vice:Blech and a bit of Scanner Darkly. I also really like "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader." We also cleaned, and did our grocery shopping. Our shower neck finally got replaced. Niel changed the head but the neck needed repair as well. The building's repair guy did that. Some thing came up for the scouts so we took care of that too. By the way I hate when the clocks have to change. I hope the rumor I've heard of it being eliminated in a couple of years is true.

Robotic Maids?

Another coupon site I found.

Did you know that part of the Earth's crust is missing?

It looks like I won a food blog award in July or August, but I only stumbled upon it now. Heh heh. They wrote nice things about my blog.


Sara said...

Congrats on winning, even if you didn't know about it!!

Shannon said...

Scanner Darkly is strange... and only gets stranger... not sure if I liked it or not lol...