Thursday, February 22, 2007

The night before work I normally iron our clothes while watching television. And I prefer starch over water. Although I don't like the aerosol cans very much, I find water leaves marks. Then the other day I was at the pharmacy picking up something else in the detergent aisle when I noticed starch now comes in non aerosol(spray) bottles. I brought it to test it out and it worked great. You bet I am going to use this kind of bottle from now on to starch clothes. I know there are some Eco-friendly starches out there which I'll switch over to someday but for now this is good. Here is a link to make your own Eco-friendly cleaning products.

Niel Photo.

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Jesser said...

I'll grant you I'm no expert (my ironing ADDS wrinkles to clothes), but my mum says that using distilled water keeps the marks from happening. But perhaps starch has other benefits? I don't iron ... hehe.