Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am by no means an expert on Japanese cuisine. I just know when my mouth and belly tell me something tastes good. And Japanese food is really good. It is one of my favorites. In fact I think I like all Asian foods. Most people think Japanese food is only sushi or sashimi. But there is so much more. There are dumplings(Gyoza or Shumai), rice bowls(Katsudon/Domburi), soups(Udon and Miso), rice balls(Onigiri) and fried foods(Tempura) just to name a few. I think the warm meals are an especially good option for people who are curious to try Japanese cuisine but are hesitant to eat sushi or sashimi. I'll admit I was at first also a little anxious to try sushi and shamimi, when Niel suggested we try some years ago. And I like to think of myself open to trying different foods. But after a few tries of sushi I was hooked. My favorite is a salmon roll. It is so creamy. My favorite warm dishes are shrimp Shumai, shrimp Tempura Onigiri, chicken cutlet Katsudon, Tempura, and shrimp Teriaki Udon

Niel Photo.

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Lola and Her *Mom* said...

Yes, tempura is wonderful! And, I'm so glad you decided to bring your blog back and not make it private. Although I'm sure you have your reasons it's fun to read about your food experiences!