Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I was happy to find my local supermarket now carries Irish breakfast meats (black pudding, white pudding, Irish bacon). I had previously found them at a convenience store which caters to the Irish immigrants my neighborhood is receiving. Don't know why it took so long for my large supermarket to carry Irish breakfast meats because they do carry other Irish products. Next to the breakfast meats I saw Bangers(Irish sausages) and let out a quiet yelp as I showed Niel what I had found. On a side note the supermarket finally also started to carry ground lamb which luckily for me means I don't have to ground my own when I make kebabs. They also started to carry burgers stuffed with cheese, bacon and jalapeno. But those are more easy to make. Anyway back to Bangers. I've cooked with Irish meats before. After Niel and I enjoyed them at a diner a few blocks from our place. I figure if I can't get to Ireland or the any other part of the UK anytime soon I mine as well try experiencing the culture by cooking their foods in my own home. I found a recipe for Bangers with Mash (mashed potatoes) on All Recipes and that is what Niel and I enjoyed for our Sunday dinner. Bangers with Mash reminds me of Shephards pie but the only veg is the onions and the meat is not shredded though it can be. A good stick to your ribs winter meal.

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jesser said...

Very interesting. I think we had something similar when we were in London, but I definitely haven't seen anything like that stateside.