Monday, January 29, 2007

NYC city got a bit of snow yesterday and we're in the 30's. Niel said snow doesn't come when its any colder and he was right. The weekend was nice and relaxing. Did a little bit of cleaning and Niel did laundry. We basically just vegged out and watched lots of tv saved on the DVR. In particular Battlestar Galactica. Which we are all caught up with. We also found the beer cheese at Trader Joe's. It is quite strong. I looked through the freezer and cupbards to see what quick stuff I could make for our meals during the weekend. We enjoyed wings, shrimp dumplings and scallion pizza pie. Saturday evening we went out to dinner with Niel's mom at the Hispanic diner in her neighborhood.
I've only seen one of the movies nominated for any of the awards and I never thought Little Miss Sunshine would. Steve Carell was amazing in the film. I find him very good in serious roles as well. The last new episode of The Office, I think a couple of weeks ago when he was sad about Dwight being fired I thought was some of his best work. So I hope Little Miss Sunshine wins and Judy Dench. Although I think Helen Mirren will. Niel purchased some handsoap that I want to recommend. It is Soft Soap's Morning Mist. It smells so delicious I wish there was a perfume with that sent. I forgot to mention Fabio was doing some promotion piece out side my office building. I took his picture on my cell phone.

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Mike said...

Wow you got your Blog locked down like Fort Knox. Why all the security?

So does Fabio look as much like a caveman in person as he does on TV?