Wednesday, January 24, 2007

As I mentioned in a previous post about my love of Asian cuisine. Since Asia is a big continent this post is specifically about Indian food, a particular one. It can get pricey eating out at times so I try to replicate or come up with my own creations using Indian spices. But I never tried cooking with Ghee. It is clarified butter and has a high heat tolerance. I found a container. of it at Whole Foods. I later found out the cost wasn't much different than purchasing it at an Indian grocery. I used some when I was making a cauliflower, and pea stir fry recipe I found over at Once Upon A Feast. I put in about half a tablespoon of it in and it wasn't heavy at all. Ghee can be used in non Indian dishes as well. Not Martha provides a link to making your own Ghee.

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Anonymous said...

I've read lots of recipes that use ghee. Is is better than oil, or does it just add flavor?