Thursday, January 25, 2007

From my friend Isabel. Play along if you like.

The 80’s:

Q: Did you own a Light Brite? Hmmm I want to say yes but can't rememember. I know I liked them.

Q: Played with Strawberry Short Cake dolls? She was awesome and smelled nice.

Q: Played with GI-Joe toys? Perhaps with my brother.

Q: Have a He-Man or She-Ra toy? Yes again with my brother.

Q: Own a slinky? yes. Color and metallic.

Q: Had a Jem doll? nope but I wanted to.

Q: What about a Cabbage Patch Kid? See above.

Q: Own a big wheel? Don't think so.

Q: Trade Garbage Pail Kids? owned but never traded

Q: Had a Popple? no idea what this is

Q: Had a Pound Puppy? My brother did. Heh heh.

Cartoons of the 80's: Did you watch the following cartoons?

Q: Thundercats? Heck yeah!!

Q: Jem? i loved it.

Q: G.I. Joe? Yep!

Q: Rainbow Brite? I love her!

Q: Care Bears? yes!

Q: He-man or She-Ra? Both!

Q: Fraggle Rock? Yep!

Q: Shirt Tales? What Tales?

Q. Jabber Jaws? Huh?

Q: Smurfs? yes! loved them.

Q: Transformers? Yes

Q: Mighty Mouse? Not a fan.

Q: Thundarr the Barbarian? No.

Q: Gummi bears? I did not know there was a cartoon, but I sure love to eat them :)

Q: My Little Pony? Yep!

Q: Hercules? Yes

Q: Spider-Man? yes

Q: Rocket Robin Hood? What?

Q: Tom and Jerry? Didn't like them.

Q: Looney Toons? Not a fan.

Q: Ewoks? Loved them.

Q: Star Wars Droids? Probably.

Q: Dungeons & Dragons? No.

Q: Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N Wrestling? Yes!

Q: Snorks? Loved them!

Shows of the 80's: Did you watch...?

Q. The A-Team? YEAH!

Q: Charles in Charge? Yes!

Q: Dukes of Hazzard? Yep.

Q: Cosby Show? Loved that show but Mr. Cosby is such a fake.

Q: Hee Haw? No.

Q: Miami Vice? Yes!

Q: Knight Rider? yes! Kit was the best.

Q: Punky Brewster? yes :)

Q: Pee-Wee's Play House? Not a fan.

Q: Saved By The Bell? Uh yeah.

Q: Silver Spoons? Yes!

Q: Just The Ten Of Us? Yes!

Q: Growing Pains? Yep!

Q: Cheers? Didn't like it.

Q: Dallas? Meh.

Q: Love Boat? Take it or leave it.

Q: Incredible Hulk? YES

Q: The Hilarious House of Frightenstein? what?

Q: V- The Series? LOVED IT!

Q: Threes Company? Yes.

Q:The Muppet Show? Heck yeah. My brother and I would park ourselves infront of that TV and be in a trance.

Styles of 80's

Q: Did you have big bangs? Hahahah no.

Q: Have a mullet? Nope.

Q: Liked Michael Jackson’s music? yes, still do but not him.

Q: Know the Golden Girls theme song? Yes(turning red)

Q: Wear Kangaroo sneakers? No.

Q: Own a pair of Guess Jeans? No. What am I rich!

Q: Like Ocean Pacific clothes? Whaaaa?

Q: Wear Jordache jeans? Yes.

Q: Own anything LA Gear? No.

Q: Watch MTV a lot? HELL YEAH!

Q: Have a pair of High tops? No.

Q: Have a Trapper Keeper? had a few

Q: Own a Swatch watch? No.

Q: Did you love the 80's? I think the above says safely YES!

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Jesser said...

Ahhh... good times. I may have to steal this one for my next cop-out day. ;)