Friday, March 30, 2007

Did you know there are two different type of Couscous? Israeli and American.

I use couscous to make Tabbouleh. A delicious herb and couscous based Middle Eastern/Mediterranean salad. I've been enjoying it as long as I can remember. Tabbouleh can also be made with Bulgur. Another staple in my mother's pantry.

Israeli couscous is larger, and also referred to as pearl couscous. To learn more about couscous click here.

I don't believe I have ever tried Israeli couscous. I saw it being sold at the Amish market a few weeks ago, but didn't buy any, because I had the American kind at home. When I do run out I think I will buy Israeli couscous because I am curious about the texture and taste.

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Jessica said...

Ooh, I have the Israeli couscous! It is really good. It is a lot bigger than the other kind. I cook it in chicken broth and add a little butter to it. In fact we had some the other night with roasted chicken. MMMM...