Wednesday, August 16, 2006

House work is mundane but necessary. But I found these cute O-Cel-o scrub sponges recently and they make washing dishes or cleaning off counter tops a little bit not boring. Because the scrubby part is designed in different shapes and colors. From my beloved polka dots, to 50's styles, to flowers. They even have designer Betsy Johnson come up with some. And of course there are Sponge Bob themed sponges too. It's never too early to get those little ones to do your chores for you;)


laura said...

I love cute little things like that! The problem is that I would want them to stay that cute forever, and thus never use them for cleaning LOL!

Lisanne said...

Yeah! Yay for child labor ~ I'm so glad that we're having TWO! LOL! :) Just kidding, of course. Those sponges are really cute. I think that I've seen them in the stores before. We should buy those the next time! Would make cleaning a little more fun.

foodiechickie said...

I understand that Laura. I have the same problem with my eggies.

Yay for child labor indeed Lisanne! LOL! Of course its just in good fun. They're a little bit costlier than your average 10 sponges for a dollar bag but definetly cuter!