Monday, August 14, 2006

Hope everybody had a nice weekend. My dad's side of the family came into town from California. My aunt, uncle, their two grown daughters, and one of their husband's. Unfortunately their kids didn't come with them. My parents and father's side of my California family are going on vacation together. This is why they are in town. I took of Friday to cook and clean because Niel and I hosted lunch for them on Saturday. I was so very happy to see them. They even brought us presents. Which was totally unnecessary. Seeing them really perked me up. They are just nice, appreciative, generous, funny, kind people. I was glad everyone was together. What would have made it only better is if their kids were here and my mom's side of my California family. I wish we all could live closer together. I am glad my parents are taking a trip. It will be nice for all of them to be together and have fun. Niel was a great help cleaning and running errands after he returned from golfing with Squilky who was in town visiting family.
Niel and I served broiled chops marinated with McCormicks, baked potatoes, Chicken and veggie shish kebobs marinated with Zatar and olive oil, zucchini fritters, lamb kebobs seasoned with Cumin, whole wheat Lavash, whole wheat pita, hummus, eggplant dip, red pepper Dip, Salad, Taboule, Basterma(Armenian dried meat), pickled veggies, fruit Terrine, and a honey mousse. We ate, laughed, took naps, looked at photo albums, help straighten up and my uncle even fixed my kitchen lamp. It was great seeing them. In the evening Niel and I went over to the inlaws house to celebrate his brother's 30th birthday. Besides a bicycle as a birthday gift we brought over food. Hummus, salad, wraps, shish kebob, mozzarella with various colored tomatoes and pesto, wings and the birthday cake. Their mom made roast pork, sweet potatoes, asparagues and beans. Sunday we did absolutely nothing. It was awesome. Now back at work after a great three day weekend. Take a look at Niel's new website Wheat Soda, dedicated to him trying 100 different beers in 2006. It's a fun idea and page!


Jesser said...

Sounds like a fun and yummy weekend. Glad you got to see your family.

foodiechickie said...

Thanks. We had pretty similar weekends.

Jessica said...

I love looking through photo albums. Sounds like a nice time.

Shannon said...

Don't you just LOVE a day where you don't do a dang thing?
All that food for your BIL's birthday sounds so yummy!
So glad you had a great weekend.

foodiechickie said...

Thanks Jessica:)

Sundays are usually my dad not to do much. Cause I know I have work the next day. Thanks Shannon:).