Friday, August 11, 2006

It is week two of Bloggy Parade of Homes 2006. Shannon asked us to take photos of our living rooms/family rooms. I only have one living room. I don't know if that is because I live in an apartment or not. Although I think some rich individuals who do live in apartments in Manhattan do have a formal living room and a family room. Most houses I have seen in Queens do not come with both. But don't know that to be true for all the houses in New York city or state. Anyway below are pics of my living room. The hallway leading to it is a medium brown color. Milk chocolate I would call it. And the living room is a pale yellow. There is an AC in every room but the living/dining room because it was too big of space to keep cool so now it's just a nook. I like it. I think I overdid it with the photos. I wanted to show the little nooks and crannies. Have a good weekend everybody! Loving this new Autumn like weather!

This is the light right above the hallway that leads to the living room. It's Ikea. There was another light there before but it broke.

We hung posters and photos. To the left is the door to my craft room.

The first poster is of Niel and me in Victoria, B.C. We went to a shop where you can get dressed in different era photos. We were from the Wild West. Next to it is a poster of the Napolean Dynamite movie. Gosh!

This is a Cracker Jack poster Niel thought was cool and purchased. Mmm Cracker Jacks.

This is another poster Niel liked and I got for him.

Photos of Niel with his friends.

Photographers that we got from Squilky.

You can buy them here.

The love seat used to face the front but now sits in the back of the living room.

The door to Niel's "man room". Ooooooh. And a topiary.

A little nook we have of our wedding stuff. Pictures of of our wedding day, when Niel proposed and my bouqet dried.

Our entertainment center. We have photos of friends and family. Also trinkets.

A painting by Niel's brother. The other painting hung in my grandmother's and great granmother's houses for 80 years.

This photo we got at a photo booth and it sketched us. Part of our surround sound.

A picture Niel got for me a few Christmases ago. I like Klimt.

Two neat paintings we combined into one that we brought in Seattle.

Our Popazon.

Our plant

The gnomes that live underneath it.

Our coffee table.

Our sofa.

Our remote controler holder.From Ikea.

Our loveseat. They both get covered sometimes.


Jessica said...

Great pictures! Gosh! That's a great light. I wish we had an Ikea near us.

rpm said...

You have a neat collection of posters and pictures. I love seeing your place up there! Do we get to the see the "man" room?

Shannon said...

I love how you guys have so many framed pictures everywhere. I'm so bad about framing my pics. I have a ton of pictures and a ton of frames. And I love the gnomes! Your place is way bigger than I pictured a NYC place to be!

Giao said...

Ani, so nice to get a peek into your house! I love the little wedding nook, and I recognize those little gnomes! =)

Jesser said...

Ooh, your living room is quite inviting. I love all the artwork - enourages me to put up more photos and artwork - and the little gnomes in the plant.

foodiechickie said...

Hope an Ikea opens up near you Jessica.

Thanks RPM. If Niel is ok with showing it then its ok with me.

Shannon I live outside of Manhattan in Queens. There are five boroughs that make up New York City. Manhattan one of the other borouhgsis what is considered the city portion. Also depending on what neighborhood one lives in any of the boroughs apartments and houses can be bigger or smaller. I guess its like that anywhere. The other three boroughs are The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.
Thanks Giao. The Gnomes like their new home:)

Thanks Jess I appreciate it:)