Thursday, December 22, 2005

Day three of the transit strike lingers. Niel and I have been going in earlier to try to get into the city earlier. Sleep is something of the past. Yesterday's line to get on the train was nutso. It was cold and long. Some straphangers have been nice and others understandably disgruntled. There have been lots of pushing and cursing. And not just the ladies. Men too. For God sakes get up and give your seat for an old person. Don't push past a pregnant woman. Why do these things have to be said? Who raised them? Some people have been great and stepping it up like the Long Island Railroad with their reduced fairs and the police officers. I do hope the rumor I have been hearing that the railroad workers are calling in a collective sick day because of all the long hours they have been working is not true. I am trying to find sympathy for the striking MTA workers. Because in all honesty I don't know how it is for them. Sure they have a nice salary, pension and good healthcare but they work underground for Pete sakes. But of all the city employees I don't believe the MTA employees have as difficult working conditions. The teachers, police officers and firemen have much more difficult jobs. I don't think the mayor or the governor have been much help. They've just made stupid statements. But the city has survived much worse and this too shall pass. Niel and I have been getting rides from my dad to the train station since our car decided that it was not going to deal with this weather. And yesterday Mike picked us up from the train station so we could go to dinner with their mom for Niel's birthday. We got into Queens with relatively no trouble and had a nice dinner. I am sorry Niel had a somewhat crummy birthday. But he did have three celebrations.

On to food. Of course. I love dried cranberries. The combination of tart and sweet. And the wacky name they have been given. Craisins. It makes me laugh. So I was miffed at myself for picking up orange flavored cranberries by accident. I don't get the wacky flavor combinations. If you want an orange by and orange. If you don't like cranberries or craisins don't buy them. So no I am not a fan.

Song Stuck In My Head: "The Great Divide" by Scott Stapp(Blech)


Yvett said...

Sorry that strike is still going on. Aren't they getting fined for everyday they're on strike? I hope that ends soon.

My kids are crazy for craisins. I like them too but they're usually finished by the time I go get some. I carry them around as snacks for the kids.

LOL. Scott Stapp. :P

foodiechickie said...

Thanks supposedly the strike is cancelled and the trains will work tomorrow. Yeah I don't get that fine thing. If these workers have no money what is the point of fining them. Some bureaucratic loop hole.
Glad you enjoy the craisins too!

I was humming the song this morning and then it hit me who I was humming. Nooooooooo!

Amanda said...

I thought of you and Lisanne when I heard about the transit mess going on. Hope it ends soon. Craisins are so awesome!

foodiechickie said...

Thank you. Lisanne is farther upstate then me so I'm not sure it would affect her as much. Unless she is driving through Manhattan on the way to Indiana and may be stuck in traffic.

Jes said...

OH!! It sounds just CRAZY!

I am sure the 2 of you will manage to have a wonderful Holiday none the less!!

foodiechickie said...

Now that its over yes.