Friday, December 23, 2005

The transit strike is over. Woo hoo. Mike came over to help get the car started, so Niel could get it over to the repair shop. So we are again going to have my dad pick us up for Christmas Eve and day dinners. Thankfully he is gracious about it. And if we need to pop out before hand thank goodness the buses and trains are available. Leasing here we come.

Niel and I had been curious about the precooked meats that Tyson and Hormel had been selling. So we recently purchased the Tyson Maple and Brown Sugar glazed Ham. It was six servings of thinly cut sweet ham. Niel brought some to lunch the next day and one of his coworkers commented it smelled like breakfast. I guess it must have been the maple. Not a bad dinner option if you are running late with dinner and it's on sale. I am interested to also try the Hormel brand and will blog about that at another time.

Song Stuck In My Head: "Feliz Navidad"


Hannah said...

I hope you and Niel are having a Merry Christmas! :-)

foodiechickie said...

Thank you Hannah. You and James as well :)