Monday, November 28, 2005

I hate when long weekends are over. This one seemed to go by really quickly. This is the third year my husband and I hosted Thanksgiving. Our parents and my brother came. Niel and I were reminiscing how much fun we had hosting it. Our first thanksgiving we ran around looking for a flavor injected and last year when we tried a Turducken. It was tasty. Niel was hoping that it would be whole animals in the Turkey but alas just parts of a duck and chicken.

The meal consisted of phyllo cups some filled with goat cheese, and mushroom, and others filled with goat cheese and red pepper jelly, or goat cheese and Pesto, my mom's eggplant dip, a scallion and chives cheese ball with garlic and onion chips, Turkey which Niel named Jimbo Jones, his mom's dressing, Spinach Gratin, gravy, cranberry sauce, Sweet potatoes, mini pies, mini rum apple tarts, store brought rainbow cookies, Pinoli cookies, and my mom's Baklava.

At midnight Niel attempted to get a DVD burner. It didn't work out so well. Read here for his funny and cold story. Friday we had our Star Wars viewing marathon. But we only got through 1 through 3. There were plenty of bathroom breaks and luckily some left overs for snacking. We only got through three because we got stuck in traffic while going to the library. I got stir crazy at home and then in the car. Hopefully the weekend when we return from our vacation we can watch 4, 5 and 6. Which I hate calling that.

Saturday Thanksgiving Niel, me, his mom and brother went to my aunts in laws home in Connecticut to bring Thanksgiving to them. Niel's aunts usually are able to come to our home, but one of them is quite sick. The food we took over was sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn pudding and left over turkey. Luckily Niel was able to eat his mother's dressing all weekend. She brought a pan as well to their house too, and Pernil (roast pork). After we got back we put up our Christmas decorations and took down our Thanksgiving ones.

Dave also stopped by a few times to our places since he was intown visiting his parents for the holiday weekend. Except for the handy work, grocery shopping, errands chores and laundry we squeezed in cause of team work Niel was a lucky boy. Pictures here.

And good bye to Pat Morita. Mr. Miyagi was one of my favorite 80's characters.

Song Stuck In My Head: "I've Been Everywhere" by Johnny Cash


Jesser said...

Sounds like a nice time. I kinda miss our old Thanksgivings where my sis would come visit Matt & I and it would just be the three of us cooking 'til noon, still in our pajamas, and eating, still in our pajamas. Tons of video games and DVDs and mad fun... it's still fun, but those years were great.

It did go by too fast and I really really didn't want to come to work this morning. :P

foodiechickie said...

Sound like nice memories.

Mondays suck.

Mike said...

When and where are you guys going on vacation?

foodiechickie said...

Next week to Montreal.