Monday, March 07, 2005

Ahh another nice weekend over before it really started. And I still feel there was so much more to do even if a lot was accomplished. We did our usual errand running and cleaning but managed to have a bit of fun as well. I wrote and knitted a bit and Niel tinkered away with his car project. Saturday we went to see Be Cool. We managed to just try to deal with the noisy theater goers. The movie was very good and can't believe The Pacifier beat it. Hopefully my review of it and Ray is accepted. I'll mention it if it is. Niel's mother came over for dinner Saturday evening. We serve salad, antipasto platter and Cioppino and a nice berry crumble. I was trying to find recipes that wouldn't require too much sugar for her since she is diabetic. Funny enough she brought over a pineapple upside down cake. Yum.
Besides Saturday night's meal I did a lot of cooking. I used some of the items in an omelet for Sunday's breakfast and made panini's with the rest of the ingredients. And Sunday evening's meal was a tasty Mexican inspired dish I found on Bathtub Junkie's old site. I did change the ingredients a bit. I'll have a bit of pictures to show later in the week. Well the ones that survived me taking too dark pics yet again and also locating the wire to upload pics from our digital.
We also managed to catch a bit of Kill Bill I and II on cable. Quentin Tarantino is a freaking genius. A bit wacko but I guess that goes hand in hand with some geniuses.

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