Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What lovely weather we had in New York city yesterday. It was perfect for me. Not too cold or too warm. If only it would last. Made another yummy meal last night for dinner. Will post my version of the recipe and pics soon. Niel got to hang out with his brother for a bit and talk with his buddy Squilky so I was happy he got to do those things.

The lovely Ms. Sweetpeas sent me a snail mail card and it was really nice coming home and finding that in the mail. She should look out for one in the mail herself:) And the ever neat Ms. Polka Dot Mittens (I love these names) asked me to be in her Operation Haremail exchange. Yay bunnies! Hee Hee. So if you wish to be involved in this all inclusive fun fest go over and pay her a visit. She is very nice. The talented Blueberry Moonas is trying to get to Paris. See if you can help her out by checking out her bloggie! It's a win win for all!

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing and eating a blood orange. I had heard about this variety of orange, but was limited in where I could fine them. I mentioned in a few posts how my local large supermarket was becoming more and more impressive in what produce and other products they offer. I have found green tomatoes and organic products in recent months. I was out grocery shopping last Sunday and came across a blood orange. I almost yelped at the site of it, and hurried with the rest of my shopping so I could go home and share it with Niel. When I arrived home I showed Niel my victory and he replied he had tried a blood orange previously. I looked at him puzzled wanting to know where he could have found it. He didn't recall. We cut into that orange and I marveled at the ruby color and the sweet taste. It is my favorite medium size citrus while the pink grapefruit is my favorite large citrus and the mandarin orange is my favorite small size citrus. Here is a good website that details the variety of citrus.

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Jessica said...

hi. yeah the comments work. let me know when your new domain is up. i just signed up for the operation haremail.

foodiechickie said...

Will do. Woo hoo!