Saturday, March 05, 2005

Yay Martha is Free! Free to be in her own home for another 5 months under house arrest then she can roam the aisles of Kmart feeling sheets or barking orders at her staff. Ahh Martha's back. And in other news happy 10th birthday to Yahoo.

1) What's your favorite sport (to watch or participate in)? Hmm it would probably fall under the category of sports entertainment, but it's wrestling. How often do you play it/watch it? Niel and I watch the show Raw(WWE) every Monday night. Do you take part in any competitions in this sport, and how important is this sport to you? Lol, no.

2) Do you feel that your favorite sport has a lot of positive
influences/rewards? I enjoy watching it. Are there any negative ones? I like the story line aspect of the show better. Some of the wrestling moves I cringe at. Were you encouraged to become active in athletics as a child? Not really.

3) Do you have an idol, a symbol, and/or a motto that helps you
through rough times when you are competing in this sport? Or, when you
are working out/exercising, do you have a method of keeping your
emotions high in order to motivate yourself? (Could be music, reading
a book while working out, setting goals for yourself, etc.)I listen to music if I am on the stationary bike or watch TV to try to distract myself from the time.

4) Which "extreme" sport would you like to try (or would have already
tried) if you weren't afraid of doing it? Luging.

5) Do you get caught up in "March Madness" (i.e., the NCAA basketball
tournament)? Which team(s) do you like? Are you a basketball fan? Will
you enter any tournament pools? Who do you predict will win? Not really.

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