Monday, November 29, 2004

Saturday Niel and I went to a fish hatchery and aquarium in Cold Spring Harbor New York. We fed Trout with some stinky fish food and watched them fight each other for it and then walked over to their aquarium. The hatchery and aquarium is under an acre of property but it was a fun and inexpensive way to spend part of the day. We then walked over to the town's lake and took some pictures of the duck, geese and seagulls and the church that stood only a few feet from the hatchery. The church had pretty stained glass windows. The town also has a Whaling Museum so we drove over there to explore the museum. We also saw a movie about whaling. Whale blubber was the country's main use for oil before the civil war when petroleum was discovered. I felt bad for the whales. The movie made me a little queasy. We then explored the town. It was a lovely little town that had their Christmas decorations up. I saw a cute white house with a nice porch and lots of property. I would love a house like that where we could put Niel's met colored hammock up(a gift from his mom's trip to P.R.) and a out door dining set and a barbecue set. I could have a flower garden, and a veggie/herb garden. Niel can have a little putting area to hit golf balls. I could picture kids pitching tents there. A person can dream. Anyway here are some pics of our little adventure.
I like that part of Long Island. We have been to a few other interesting places in the area. The Vanderbilt Museum, Walt Whitman Museum and Sagamore Hill (Teddy Roosevelt's estate). I like that the town has a good deal property with the houses and the homes aren't stuck next to each other. It seems like the town has activities year round like decorating for Christmas, Halloween etc and parades. Our current town also does these things but is a bit crowded. What I do like best about our town is that Christmas music is blared through speakers during the holidays. I am also happy that one of the local radion stations is playing Christmas music 24/7 for the holidays.

I just finished reading A Girl From Yamhill by Beverly Cleary. It is the first part of two autobiographies by Ms. Cleary. She is famous for the Ramona books. The book is a sad account of a youngerster who felt unloved by her mother while growing up in Portland. I hope the second book My Own Two Feet has their relationship improving. I would recommended it for anyone who enjoyed Ms. Cleary's books. Before I read the My Own Two Feet I want to finish Smart Women by Judy Blume. It is her third novel for adults. She is another favorite author of mine but for her children's books. I wasn't too crazy about Summer Sisters and am hoping that Smart Women is better. I'm only on chapter one.

I am glad that chestnuts are back in season. I was boiling then roasting some this past weekend. I forgot about it and I heard a popping noise. I ran into the kitchen and saw chestnuts flying all over the place. I turned off the stove and I don't know what possessed me but I looked into the pan and a chestnut came flying at my left eye. I yelped and went to clean out my eye and ate whatever chestnuts I could salvage. Hee Hee.

Niel and I also saw Walking Tall on pay perview. It was really good. I am a huge fan of The Rock. I also liked that the film was based on true life events about one man who fought to gain his town back. He joins the army and when he comes back home his town is infested with drugs supplied by a local casino who also ran the mill out of business. I like how he followed his own path and didn't take the easy way out and didn't get influenced by terrible people. Walking Tall really made up for the two crappy movies I saw while Niel went to hang with his buddies. I saw Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Garfield. They were so awful. I thought I would get at least a laugh out of them but nope. I forgot to mention I saw Mean Girls last weekend also and didn't think it was well done either. So disappointing.

We also got to sample Pepsi Spice. I have seen commercials and read about it online. It's good if you are eating something salty and am glad to try it but don't think we will be making an annual tradition out of it.

I found two good recipes to make with the leftover turkey: Curry Turkey (I used a tablespoon of Curry. It was tasty. I am sure brown rice or Jasmin rice can also be used) and Turkey Enchiladas is tonight's meal.

Check back later on for some pics of us putting up Christmas decorations.

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