Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving Day was very nice. We hosted it again this year. Niel enjoys cooking the turkey. Our guests were my parents, brother Jakop, Niel's mom and her two sisters. Niel's brother Mike dropped off his mom and aunts and baked us a custard and pecan pie. He had dinner with Erin and her family. Everything went off without a hitch. Everyone enjoyed themselves and conversed with one another. I made some of the dishes and cleaned the night before. So on Thanksgiving Day I wouldn't be too frazzled and Niel only went out on one errand this year. That is what Niel was thankful for. We made a Cajun marinated Turducken with (Southern) cornbread and sausage stuffing(ok the people and Cajun Grocers made it), mashed sweet potatoes(Niel's recipe), cornbread(Northeren), zucchini casserole, salad, Spinach and spinach and feta in phyllo cups,(a take off of my mom's Spinach Pie) hummus, eggplant dip and red pepper and feta dip, (I served them in peppers instead of dip bowls), antipasti platter, a pumpkin trifle, and miniature fruit. My mom brought a mushroom casserole with onions and mozzarella and blenchik (an Armenian savory crepe with ground beef, hard boil eggs, onions and seasonings) and my mother in law brought her famous dressing and two bottles of sparkling grape juice (red and white). The turkey was moist and falling off the bone. Niel did a great job cutting it. Niel picked up some Australian wine for my dad to try, but he liked Niel's Magic 8 Phat Angel beer. He said it was not bitter like some beers are. The TV was switched back and forth from the parade to an Armenian telethon and football. It was nice and relaxing and we ate till we could not eat anymore. Niel also got to hang out with Dave a bit who swung by after dinner with his family. I would say it was a successful holiday. Here are some pics. Today like two crazy people we got up really early for our first Black Friday holiday Shopping. I got most of our holiday shopping done but we wanted to experience Black Friday. Let me tell you NEVER AGAIN. Niel understandably had a mini melt down in Circuit City. The customer service was terrible and they only had two registers open. But as Niel said the store is not set up like the larger stores, so of course it would be madness in there. He felt better after he got some decaf in him and came home to take a nap. This weekend we will probably put out the Christmas decorations, watch movies, finish our holiday shopping and see some friends. I love the holidays.

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Leslie said...

I peeked at your photos -- what a great spread you guys had! The Turducken looks awesome.....and oooooh phyllo cups! Yum!

It's so great that both sides o' the family can get together!

And I skipped out on Black Friday today too -- just couldn't muster up the energy!

foodiechickie said...

Thank you for the compliment!! Yeah the aggrivation was not worth it I'm afraid for the sales for Black Friday. We are lucky both of our families live near by and Armenians consider in laws like blood relatives. It's a must that we all spend special occasions together. I think its nice cause parents, siblings etc can see one another. It's only a few special occasions a year for a few hours so why not? I remember when my husband and I were dating we used to go to both families houses and when we became engaged the families started to share the occasions.

LadyGypsy said...

What a spread! That pumpkin trifle looks fantastic! I'm glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving. Even though I adore Black Friday, we make it a point to skip the Circuit Cities and such.

foodiechickie said...

Thank you. I hope you had a great thanksgiving as well. Maybe it was just Circuit City becuase the larger stores were set up better.

Anonymous said...

the food sounds scrummy. what a good idea to fill in the peppers!

foodiechickie said...

Thank you:)