Tuesday, November 30, 2004

First there was the low carb diet, then the dairy diet, now there is the Jesus Diet. Yes that's right the Jesus Diet. I heard about the Jesus Diet on the WB11 news this morning. It was developed by Florida physicianDr. Don Colbert and is based on the diet of the peoples of the Mediterranean. It is high in grains and fruit. The article states that Dr. Colbert realized that some of the heaviest Americans are also devout Christians (ok no snickering) and if they do not listen to their doctor's orders to improve their health maybe they will listen to their lord and savior. All I will say is WHAT A MARKETING GENIUS!

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The hubby got an article published! I am very proud of him!


Lindsay said...

I did hear about this so called "Jesus Diet". Anything to get the gentiles to drop some lbs! All I have to say is I will not be trying this. I've gone to catholic school most of my life, in my mind I've been on this "diet" for too long!

foodiechickie said...

Freaking brilliant isn't it!

Yvett said...

I found you through RubberSol and I'm enjoying your site!

Wow! What could be better marketing than "try this diet or burn in hell"? Brilliant!

foodiechickie said...

Hi Yvette! Good motto:)