Friday, November 05, 2004

I have a favorite Middle Eastern supermarket I go to occasionally. It is a few towns away from my home. I go in there when I want to find some yummy foods from when I was growing up or if I want a walk down memory lane. No I do not know anyone in there. I get my memories from the smells and sights of the various products this small store offers. One of my favorite items is an Armenian pizza they sell. It is made from very thin dough and is packed with flavor. It doesn't have any cheese on it but rather ground seasoned meat. I love it. I am very proud of my heritage and especially all the tasty foods it has to offer. I am happy that Niel also enjoys some of the foods I have grown up with and I his.

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sarotica said...

So you like armenian pizza too. you must be of that heritage yourself. Anyway, I stumbled upon your blog recently when I was researching the ancient armenian city and found an excellent site. Check it out: virtualANI (on google)
I live in toronto, but the best armenian food, and lahmadjoun is made by armenians in montreal. One place in particular is called Arouch. It rocks! I think we should spread the lahmadjoun all over the planet as it now comes in vegetarian as well. Bon Appetit!