Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I noticed that by my office there were these apple statues. I wonder if they are a follow up to the cow statues New York had a few years ago, and the panda ones in D.C. last Summer. I can't seem to find information on them.

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And thank you to the 18-25 year olds who only 17% went out to vote. For all the complaining and all the marching you did, if you don't vote CHANGE CANNOT HAPPEN. You are now the new Florida from 4 years ago. You have no one else to blame when there will be a draft and your civil liberties will be taken away. A big fat thank you for nothing and a big fat Bonjour, Ja mapelle Ani to Canada.

People are so depressed about this in my office. Some people are even making nooses to hang themselves at their desks. I really was hoping today wouldn't be as depressing as Nov. 3 four years ago was. Two elections that I have been able to vote in have been so disheartening.


Mike said...

I wonder if Apple computers is behind the apple statues?

foodiechickie said...

Hmmmm interesting. I thought it was a much better idea to have apple statues since NYC is the Big Apple; instead of the cows.

Peruby said...

Here you go:

foodiechickie said...


Jesser said...

Those are cute! I saw a bunch of them around the Time Square area when I was in NYC. I lurved 'em too.

foodiechickie said...