Monday, November 08, 2004

Niel and I got to see The Incredibles this past weekend. I thought I would like it a lot more. I did think it was enjoyable but it just did not wow me as much as I hoped it would. I came in with a different expectation I guess. I wouldn't not recommend people not see it. It also didn't stop me from buying the Mr. Incredible figure at McDonald's.

We also got to play tennis some more. I am getting better at it, which I am happy about. I can volley (hit back and forth) with Niel. A funny thing happened while we were playing. An Irish lady was walking her dog. I believe it was a yellow lab. I couldn't understand from her accent if the dog's name was Mack, Zack or Max. Anyway the dog stole one of our tennis balls. Niel hit the ball out of the handball court and the dog runs after the ball and picks it up and runs the other way. We see the owner run after him yelling for him to drop the ball. He probably thought it was a big game. We lauged and told her the dog could keep the ball and luckily she caught him before he got the chance to run into the

We also ate at a new place in our neighborhood. We had brunch at a diner. Niel ordered the Grand Slam(eggs with hashbrowns, sausage, bacon and ham) and I had the Irish Breakfast(2 eggs sunny side up, blood sausage, irish ham, beans, toast, and hash browns). The food was tasty.

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