Wednesday, December 01, 2004

We watched a little bit of the annual NBC Rockefeller Center tree lighting on TV last night. I love watching the tree light up. It feels magical. One year Niel and I tried to see it live but we were it was so crowded that we ended up being too many blocks away to see much of anything. I think for the time being the best place to see the tree lighting and the Thanksgiving Day parade is at home.

Here are the pics of Niel and I decorating the tree and our apartment for Christmas.

Since Christmas is only 24 days away don't forget to order your frames from my craft store. I will have Christmas themed frames up soon.

We also watched a few minutes of The Real Gilligan's Island. The concept of the show did not bother me but two ok really three of the contestants are just plain mean people. The older "rich couple" on one of the teams especially the wife is so small minded. I hope her and her husband have not reproduced because they are just going to spawn their hatred into the world. She is mean to her castmates, especially the gay "professor". One would think that if you are put in a new environment you would want to learn more. I am so not watching it again.

I read on Yvett's blog that Julia Roberts had her twins. They arrived early as most twins do. And in true Hollywood style she gave her son an interesting name Phinnaeus. I have actually heard the name before. Her daughter's name is Hazel. They seem like sturdy old names. Good luck to her and family.

Ken "Jeopardy" Jennings lost last night. He made the show interesting again for me. I enjoyed seeing for how long he would be able to last. I was impressed he knew so much information.

Today is World Aids Day. I hope that a cure will be found for this horrible disease.


Mike said...

where have you been? I havent seen you on AIM in over a week.

foodiechickie said...

The techie here switched it off because he thought that might be the cause of the spam and viruses that is on my computer but nope. So I have been harrasing him since last week to put it back on. But he wears many hats and has been busy. I am hoping for this afternoon.

Yvett said...

I only caught a few minutes of "The Real Gilligan's Island" but to me it seemed like Survivor with costumes. Then I heard a bad gay comment and I decided I don't like this show.
I saw the clip of Ken Jennings losing. It seems like something he would've known. I think he took a dive. Either way he has lots of money now!

foodiechickie said...

I don't get why tv execs want to put the worst in people on tv. I don't get what all the airing of dirty laundry is about. The world is already such full of poop and I know that life can't be always nice and rosy but those type of shows aren't real at all. BAH!

I hope Jeapordy hires Ken.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I'm glad that I wasn't the only one watching Ken every night! I don't know if he blew Final Jeopardy on purpose, but I didn't know the correct answer myself, so I'm going to judge!

I hadn't heard about the twins - those are indeed powerful names. I hope they have a lovely healthy life :)

~ laura

foodiechickie said...

I am just so shocked he lost. I thought he would be the longest running contestant. I mean he still has that title but I thought we would see him till he was old and grey.

Yes I too hope the Roberts-Moder family will be quite happy!

Mike said...

TV execs put all these mean people in shows to draw in viewers. It's the same as with Jerry Springer. People tuned in to watch Jerry because they wanted to see people take swings at one another. People sitting around getting along doesn't attract viewership. So that's where the Amarosa's and evil Mrs. Howell's come into play. On the Real World there are always one or two people living in the house who fights with others, accuses their housemates of being racist, or is just in general tough to get along with. It's the nature of the reality tv beast. That's why I try not to watch many of them. Plus on a lot of these shows they put people who are in direct competition with one another in the same house or living environment. So it just encourages backstabing and bad behavior. Imagine if they put the two teams who were about to play in the Super Bowl in the same house for a week. Or two boxers about to fight one another in the same house for a week before their big fight.

foodiechickie said...

I get the concept behind it and I don't agree with it. I try hard not to watch those kind of "Reality" type shows. It's sad that people like to see one another bleed.