Friday, September 03, 2004

I am happy both conventions and the Olympics went off with out any problems.
Niel and I were having various discussions about how the media hypes things up in general(especially the war on terror) just to sell papers or have their channels viewed. Most of the information the media has been receiving about any threats have been from our own government. It is sad this is the only thing the government can show for themselves is the war. It is not surprising though.

I will be very happy once the election is over and the lesser of two evils has hopefully one. If you read my blog, you already know who I think that is and I can go back to my own party. Right now the two party system is popular and someday that might change and return to a time when third and fourth parties were popular, but we have to try the best we can with what we have.

I felt like I stepped into some weird sort of time portal the last few days. On Wednesday when going to work Niel and I saw this Asian lady in Brooklyn in traditional looking Asian clothing. Thursday morning it looked like one of the members of A Flock Of Seagulls stepped onto our train during rush hour. Then when I went out for a walk on Thursday there was some dude dressed as Spiderman in the street that people could take pictures with. In the evening going home there was protestor with a W mask and a chicken suit for a body. People are quite creative.

I picked up the latest issue of Martha Stewart Kids. I didn't bring anything to read with me on Wednesday and I had already read all of my regular magazines. It really is pretty much a magazine for kids but crafty adults like me found it enjoyable too. The magazine although not as thick as the regular Martha Stewart Living still is packed with tons of crafty activities. It was the Halloween issue, so it was dedicated to the holiday. It had various wacky hairstyles kids can don while trick or treating, cookie recipes for school bake sales and so forth. Niel is thinking right about now, "oh no she sees another magazine she likes." Seeing Ms. Martha's magazines inspire me and makes me want a home of my own even more to paint, decorate, host get togethers, have a garden and just be something of ours.


Anonymous said...

ooh i know what you mean! i just bought a back issue of martha living a few days ago and have been ooh ahhing over the crafts, garden deco etc.

foodiechickie said...


Jesser said...

Ahh! Finally! Hehe, blogger's comments weren't working for me. Anyhoo, I lurrrve MS Kids magazine. (To me, anyhow) it's so much more fun than it's adult counterpart. I kinda find some of MS Living's projects to be somewhat stodgy, but I almost always love the ones in MS Kids. Plus, it has such excellent recipes ... and they're usually a bit more to my taste and skill... LOL.

Leslie said...

MS kids rules! I LOVE it!
Wish I could have seen all those "creative" people loafing around NY....sounds like fun people watching time.

foodiechickie said...

I'm going to have to pick up MS Kids more often!