Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The weekend is over, again. Pooh. It was all about errands, crafting, writing, seeing family and friends, cleaning, decorating the house for Fall/Halloween, car research and spending time with Ripley.

Ripley if some of you don't know is my brother in laws dog. He is Golden Retriever. We think with Collie mixed in as well. Ripley is a sweet and full of life dog. It was a treat for the two of us to hang out with him; while Mike was away. We took him on long and regulated walks and brought water in case he got thirsty (Oh yeah he was!!) and paper to scoop up poop. Hopefully it didn't spoil him. Luckily Niel and I did not have any serious plans for the weekend. Unfortunately my asthma started reacting to all the hair he was shedding. It looked like we could have made a whole new dog with all that hair! Here are some pictures of our walks.

Ripley Posted by Hello

I am doing a shameless plug! Niel also redesigned my frame page. We decided to put it on a blog because it was easier to create and since blogger now has those arrows on top, people might find it. Here is a frame for the first day of school and one for Halloween. Check it out!

To cool for school! Adorn your home with pictures of your little ones on their first day of school! Posted by Hello

Boo! Frame Posted by Hello

I also stumbled upon the most fabulous chicken recipe on Goldeelox's blog. The picture does not do the recipe justice. The sauce was thick and flavorful. It was hot and bubbly. It was heavenly. Wonderful for the new nip in the air. MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! We ate it with sauted green beans and tomato in garlic and oregano and salad.

Heavenly Chicken!!! Posted by Hello


Mike said...

That picture of Ripley is funny, he looks like a lion :-)

foodiechickie said...

Hair hair hair big beatiful hair!!!