Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Although the first day of Fall is not technically till Sept. 20, for me the first day of Autumn is today. It has a lot to do with school always starting in early September. For a few weeks now I have felt Fall in the air with the crispness and slightly cooler days. There are TV ads airing for hot chocolate, corduroys, sweaters and school supplies. I look forward to the leaves changing, pumpkins adorning the steps of homes, trick or treaters, mums in flower boxes, regular t.v. coming back and apple picking.

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Summer has been really wonderful with day trips, weddings, showers, movies, cooking new recipes, watching Summer t.v. and eating berries.

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A new show I was surprised I enjoyed but I really do is Dog the Bounty Hunter. Niel and I both thought it would have more ass kicking on the show, but this is the nicest bounty hunter I have seen. Plus I got to see shots of Hawaii(where Dog lives and works) are breathtaking.

The third season of Last Comic Standing has started already and this season the cast of season 1 and 2 square off against each other. Instead of a dance off I guess its a joke off?

Scrubs's first episode of its third season aired last night. It is a thoughtful and hysterical show.


Shannon said...

CRAP!! I can not believe I missed Scrubs! That's one of my favorites!
Anyway, love the frames. And I can't imagine shipping to NY on a piano would be any less that a bajillion dollars!

Mike said...

That bounty hunter guy reminds me of Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse. Not too many people can pull off a mullet, but Dog certainly can :-)

foodiechickie said...

Shannon - Maybe they'll rerun Scrubs? I just have a reminder on my tv. That's the only reason I can remember:) Thanks for the compliment! You can order any frames on my frame site. I am shamlessly plugging them:)Yeah it would probably be too much. Doh!

Mike - Dog sure does pull it off!

niel said...

What I like most about Dog is much like the Maury show's D.West --Dog will break you down, but then he'll build you back up

foodiechickie said...


Giao said...

Yay for fall! Cute frames!

foodiechickie said...

Thanks Giao. They are for sale.