Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Tuesday night's dinner:Israeli chickenwith Tabouleh Salad, and red pepper/Feta dip. Posted by Hello

Last night's dinner was Tuna burgers with pasta salad. I forgot to take a pic. But it was quite tasty. My problem is it never takes me thirty minutes to make any of Rachael Ray's recipes.

Niel and I started watching Growing Up Gotti. We missed the first episode but it takes little to catch up. Pretty much the A & E network thought it would be a good idea to follow around Victoria Gotti, daughter of alleged now deceased mob boss John Gotti and her three sons to see what life is like Growing Up Gotti. One problem as Niel pointed out, her three sons are not Gotti, and she is already a grown up. Well supposedly. The show is very engrossing because it is comical and partly I need to get my Sopranos fix(not that this "show" is as any good as The Sopranos are) since Season 5 is not out on DVD yet and Season 6 will not be out till 2006. Oh the cruelty.

Joe Schmo 2 show ended last night. I am happy that the second season Schmo's took it well also. It is a difficult thing to realize that all what you had come to know was a lie. I guess the $100,000 and the trips help? Maybe the same policy should apply to real life?


Mike said...

You are the most exotic cooking person I ever knew :-). Don't you ever just feel like getting some ground beef, opening a bag of fries and eating burgers and fries? It's never just a salad or a burger, it's a salad with multi colored peppers and tomatoes, and tuna burgers with the essence of cod oil ;-). Amazing, just amazing. I feel like a slub when I cook something beef stew with carrots of only one color hehe. Bravo :-)

Jesser said...

In response to your comment on my site:
Basically, all you need to do is get really proficient with Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. PSP is much cheaper and does 80% of what Photoshop will do, but you can't beat Photoshop for the hard-core features and they seem to do everything just a little bit better than the competition. I found my copy of Photoshop on for about $250. It came with a book of step-by-step exercises, and I've learned loads from doing those. I've also learned tons from finding other online tutorials and practicing with those (just google photoshop tutorials). I'm sure there are plenty of books on Photoshop that you can pick up too ... and I know there are some on Paint Shop Pro (I've got a couple of 'em). Good luck and I'll try to post s'more layouts soon(ish).

PS >> The Food looks amazing! :)

foodiechickie said...

Thanks and sorry Mike didn't mean to make anyone feel bad. I swear. I just really like cooking and trying different recipes. Lately I am seeing different types of burger recipes using a variety of meats turkey, tuna, pork, lamb. I guess cause it is bbq weather. And hopefully some of the recipes give other people ideas.

Thanks Jess for the instructional. I will have to ask my husband when I get to try it. I am not very technological. And thanks for the compliment.

curlygirl said...

Food looks GREAT!!!!

Leslie said...

The tabbouleh looks yum!!! :)

foodiechickie said...

Thanks Irah and Leslie!