Thursday, August 12, 2004

The skies became very dark and opened up yesterday afternoon and it poured. The rain got less intense as the afternoon went on, but the lighting and occasional thunder lasted most of the night.

I got my new driving permit and I look like a big, pink, pig. LOL.

These past week has been nutty with trying to sell a special section, with holidays coming up, and three appointments I am tired and grumpy from the overwork. I am so very happy when I get home and spend those few hours with Niel each night. On the way back from my second appointment yesterday I saw a homeless or poor old lady on the West 59th Street and Columbus train station. She was in a wheelchair and had a sign that read "I am hungry please spare some change." God that really struck a cord with me, especially since I just purchased some ice cream molds on sale($5 bucks baby from $20!). I gave her all the change I had. I felt so lucky and bad at the same time. I wish I could do more. I know I talked about this a short time ago, but its my blog and this is what I see living in NYC. So if you rather go to a fluffy blog that talks about happy projects all the time there are tons of nice ones out there who do that. I wish I could buy property and have all the homeless people and animals live there and they would hang out with one another. I'd give them food and get them help if they were sick. They would have jobs like giving out food and tyding up the property, so they could feel useful and have an income for going to the movies and stuff. I don't think any person sets out in life to be homeless. This is what I wonder when I don't see more people giving spare change. What are you going to do with it buy a Snickers? I mean sure you worked for it but everyone falls on hard times and bad luck so spare some change for the less fortunate. Who is at really fault the poor shmuck for falling on very bad times or the person who is not on bad times for not wanting to help? We can't take possessions to the grave but we can try to help one another and make our stay as comfortable for each other? I hope my trip out to NJ is better today.

I think I broke our digital camera. I accidentally dunked it in water. I am always trying to multi task and this one bit me in the ass. I broke our first camera and I fear I have also broken our first digital. I have a slight history of being a klutz. As the days go by we can tell if the camera is salvageable.

I almost forgot to mention yeserday evening I was in the computer room online, AC blasting waiting for Niel to come home when I take a look outside and there are quite a few cop cars right on my block, across the street from our apartment. There is some guy in handcuffs looking like he is about to cry. I wish I looked out the window earlier so I could see what happened.


Michele said...


I am so glad to be able to visit your blog again! Thank you for the comment on mine! I have missed all of you!

Ouch on the camera incident! I do things like that if I'm in a big rush! I hate it when I do things like that too! I hope the camera is alright!

Oh, and your dishes look delish! Thanks for sharing!

curlygirl said...

Ani, just let your camera sit and dry out for a few days before trying to turn it on. I think, but I'm not sure, that if you try to turn it on when it's wet that is when you can really mess it up. Sorry don't you just hate when you do things like that? I do it all the time.

Peruby said...

I HATE driver permit/license pictures! Mine are horrible. They flatten you out.

I washed a cordless phone in the washing machine (I had it in the clothes basket to carry downstairs :o ) and that's right - it got the full cycle. I caught it before it went in the dryer, though. I pulled the battery out and let it dry. Works fine. Maybe even better than before. Hope your camera turns out okay, too.

foodiechickie said...

Michele - Glad you could visit again. Thanks for the support about Mr. Camera( I'm not alone;) ) and glad you enjoy the recipes.

Curly - we think we tried to thoroughly dry it on the outide. The inside was still a bit misty. I think it still works though cause hubby took a pic and it was ok. I hate when I am klutzy!

Peruby - Everyone has a bad license maybe?
Wow the was cycle?! Glad it still works.