Monday, August 30, 2004

Sunday Breakfast of Canadian Ham Cups. Posted by Hello

Sunday Dinner of Chicken Capris and Mushroom Pizza. Posted by Hello

The city is so empty this morning. It's like a 1/8th of what normally it is people wise in my part of town. I guess most people went on vacation this week because of the Republican National Convention in town and with all the protestors and fear of another possible attack. Yeesh. I mean both the RNC and the protestors have a right to express themselves. It wouldn't be fair to take away freedom of speech from either of them. Niel & I have a plan just in case God forbid anything does happen to get out of the city. After 9/11 I've worried a bit for whomever has to travel into the city, but I if anything does happen I can't stop it and I still have to go to work, and I won't live in fear in my own city.

The weekend was good. We ran some errands, started to look at cars, had an early birthday dinner Saturday afternoon for my mom in law at Umberto's Clam House in Little Italy. Man all the pasta looked so scrummy. But Niel and I had salad with our dishes. I ordered Pork Chops in tomato sauce with onions and peppers, and Niel had sausage with tomato sauce with onions and peppers. The sauce was really good and especially Niel's dish.

Dead Like Me is such a good show. Episode after episode I am so impressed with the writing. I am happy Niel and I started to watch it from the beginning. Last night's show was about choices. How choices affect everything. How people choose to be mean, how people choose to read or hear something about someone and instead of being happy they instead are jealous, how people go to houses of worship and choose to ignore the message and so on.

I am a little sad that the Olympics are over. It was nice to see athletes all over the world competing, their personal stories about them and the city hosting them. We were switching from the closing ceremonies over to the MTV Video Music Awards. They were a bit dissapointing this year. Usually I enjoy watching it, but this year had little umph. I don't think the venue they chose had a good stage.

It was a nice Summer, but I am looking forward to Fall.

Laura Branigan passed away.

Here are the recipes for the two dishes above. They are both South Beach dishes. I found the mushroom one on Allrecipes. I just combined it with the chicken recipe. We ate dinner with salad.

Canadian Ham Cups:

A package of Canadian Bacon
Quarter cup of chopped cooked onion
Quarter cup of chopped cooked red pepper
Quarter cup of chopped cooked green pepper
Quarter cup of grated low fat cheese(whatever you have or like on hand)
An egg for each muffin

Heat oven to 350. Oil with olive oil a large muffin pan. Put two slices of Canadian bacon into each muffin cup. Mine only made it for 5 out of the six cups.
Put in the onion and peppers, and break a whole egg(I guess you can scrambled egg also), and the cheese on top. Cook in oven for 20 minutes. I would add more seasonings next time to give it more flavor.

Chicken caprice and Mushroom Pizzas

4 large chicken breasts
4 large Portabello Mushrooms
8 thin slices of low fat mozzarella
Half a cup of low fat Ricotta with oregano, salt and pepper
1 can of crushed no sugar tomatoes

Sear chicken breasts on each side for 12 minutes in lightly coated olive oil on a slow heat.

Marinate the mushrooms in olive oil, lemon juice and rosemary.

Then top the chicken and mushrooms with tomato, ricotta and slices on mozzarella for twenty minutes on 400 degree oven. Yum Yum.

Please please please adopt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike said...

Canadian ham cups are ok on the South Beach diet?

foodiechickie said...

Yep, got them straight from the South Beach. It's leaner.

Rachel said...

love dead like me. we just watched the 1st season, so we have to wait until the second is on DVD to catch up!

foodiechickie said...

Glad you enjoy the show as well!

Isa I said...

i sent out the site to people i know who live in the ny/nj area....some i haven't spoken to in forever, so i felt wierd doing it. but oh well, they don't write to me either!

you know, everytime i start a blog, it never gets continued...i guess your friends/family are more exciting!


Mike said...

Really? The recipe is compliant with phase one of South Beach? We bought Rachel's mom a SB cookbook and phase one seemed a lot more limiting. That seems more like a phase 3 meal.

foodiechickie said...

Isabel - ha ha ha alot more exciting.

Mike - Yep, Phase 1. It's not a carb and its a leaner bacon(essentially ham).
We're trying turkey bacon next.

curlygirl said...

how's the diet going so far?
the SB dishes you made look great!

Mike said...

So you can eat a meal with 21 grams of fat, 369 mg of cholesterol and almost 1000mg of sodium, but it's bad for you to eat an apple? Hrmmmm, this sounds a little fishy. But I'm very intrigued.

foodiechickie said...

Irah, the craves have subsided. Finally. The diet is going ok. Thanks for asking!

Mike - I have no idea why this diet is so popular. It's fishy to us too. I sometimes think the doctor's are getting money from the insurance companies to promote it? Trust me I rather eat an apple.