Friday, August 27, 2004

Niel and I started the South Beach Diet as of Tuesday. The reason for this although my husband's organs and blood pressure, blood sugar level and blood pressure are healthy, he has high cholesterol.

The doctor gave him three options to lower it and Niel chose SB and a supplement to assist lowering his cholesterol. The side effect of SB is weight loss. SB was created to help heart patients.

I never really cared what weight Niel was. I've seen him thin and I've seen him not thin, but either way I just saw Niel and I know the same goes for him. But if the doctor believes this is what will make Niel healthier then I am all for that.

In fact my coworker who is a size 2 and a vegetarian has high cholesterol as well and needs medication to control it.

I am on SB to be supportive of Niel and my cholesterol to be honest could also be lowered. The doctor told me this a while ago and I didn't do much about it then. My cholesterol is moderately high. It fluctuates.

I don't really get how food affects cholesterol since most cholesterol is made in the body and does not really reflect much on what a person eats.

Some people can have carbs and not have a problem. Not us.

So we are currently on day four of the diet. The first two days were very difficult for me. I was grumpy the entire 2 days. Day three I was depressed because this is something I realized we need to do for life and cannot cook the way I used to; but all that honestly does not matter because if this will help Niel and me to live longer and healthier, than I can do this. I know that there will be special occasions when I can try the foods I am accustomed to for 29 years like holidays and birthdays. Plus I'm not going to expect if I am a guest at someone's house that they'll have to change their diet just for me. I'm not going to bring my own food either, but make do. The days are becoming easier but the nights are still difficult for me. I used to have fruit for dessert. I love fruit. Still don't get how fructose in the fruit is bad. But if I can eventually eat fruit again in small amounts, as the book says, then I can go the rest of the two weeks without it.

I also don't get how eating meat and cheese is good for someone's heart even though it's supposed to be lean and fat free meats and cheeses. But I'm not a doctor. I've been looking for vegetarian, seafood, and turkey recipes.

We also will bring exercise back into our life. We didn't eat junk food before, we thought we ate well and just did not exercise much. We're thinking of taking inexpensive tennis lessons once a week. Besides walking to the train in the mornings and we've always wanted to try playing tennis well.

I have been doing research on the SB site and have found a good amount of recipes to use and Niel borrowed the book and recipe book for more information.

So far I have made these dishes:
Aggieland Zucchini

Spicy and Tangy Shrimp. I substituted the Rosemary with Thyme.

Mini Eggplant Pizzettes

Baby Spinach Salad with Tomato and Mozzarella

Portobello Pizza

Phase two which we should be in on September 7 we can gradually bring back fruit and whole wheat breads, pastas and rices.

Has anyone seen the cute Ikea commercial with the dog going in and out of the house because he can't recognize his home since the owners brought new furniture. How cute is that dog?

Much like Giao I forget to mention when I find new links. So check my Wanderings link every now and then.

A plea to the people who have come into our city to protest the Republican National Convention. It's your right to free speech and all, but what you are doing is also affecting the people who have to work and live in the city. So please stop blocking traffic and trampling on our grass. I don't want to be locked in my office building because security deems it unsafe for me and my coworkers to leave since you'll be outside being violent.

The protests are starting early. Yesterday four people were arrested for putting up a sign on The Plaza Hotel, eight people were arrested for getting down to their birthday suits and stopping traffic on 34th Street so AIDS research can get more money, and hundreds of people walked the streets of Manhattan yesterday protesting the two party system. Sheesh.


curlygirl said...

Good luck to you and Niel on the South Beach Diet. You'll have to keep us all posted on how it is going and if in fact it does help Niel lower his cholesterol.
I've always wondered about this diet but have never tried it.

Anonymous said...

South Beach Diet is new to me. Goodluck. And I think its great that youre supporting Niel by doing it too.

foodiechickie said...

Thanks to you both. I will keep you updated.

Leslie said...

Good luck on SB, Ani! You're so awesome to be so supportive! Yay for you guys!
Let us know how it's going!

foodiechickie said...

Thanks Leslie! It's been hard.

LadyGypsy said...

Good luck on South Beach! You lasted longer than I did already! :)

Just don't do the Ricotta Creme desserts. I cried after one. Really.

foodiechickie said...

Thanks Kim!