Friday, August 13, 2004

Ok blog readers this will be a long entry so I hope you have a beverage by you. Thursday was not any better. It was worse, much worse. I got to the office at 9 and did some work before I had to leave to my appointment which was at 11:30. I thought I could leave at 10 and catch one of the buses at Port Authority to NJ to the town of Livingston. Well the bus I needed left at 10 and another one would not be around till 12:30. Darn wrong website information! So I think to myself I can get on another bus to Livingston that would get me close enough. The bus driver was rude not wanting to give directions. Has anyone heard of a driver who doesn't want to give directions? I finally get to Livingston running late for my appointment. The client is so understanding and offered to pick me up so I don't have to take another bus.

I see her for an hour. She drops me off at the Livingston Mall where the buses are and where I was supposed to be originally. I grab some food, make phone calls to the office and other clients. I finish lunch and it is raining full force at this point. I buy two umbrellas for $1 each just incase. I head out to wait for the bus. It never comes. I am curing the state of NJ at this point and how I got myself lost. I am thinking that Niel is going to have to get me. I walk to another stop, some girl with The Animals T-shirt feels bad for me and tells me to get on the 31 to South Orange(lovely Main Street)where I can catch a train to Penn Station. I got back to office at 4:45PM and stayed till 6 filling out orders. I would have kissed the ground except for the germs. I work hard for the money, oh so hard for the money.

Unfortunately I had to miss the office party for the editorial intern Rivka. She is a very nice girl and had been with my company for three years. She was always pleasant and I would talk movies and music with her.

I then find out at the office that Governor McGreevy of NJ is resigning because he had an affair and is Gay. What is going on here people? What! Ok the affair was bad, but I am sure it is not easy for Gay people and he unfortunately had to lie and hide and people got hurt due to the lies. But why did he have to resigning from his position? What does his sexuality matter? Why is this even a subject? Is it because he lied about the affair that he will lie at work? I guess it would be stressful for his job since the former lover is suing him. Good luck with that case.

All in all although I got lost terribly, was late for the appointment, I did deal with a nice client, saw some ducks, an Armenian Church, and some mansions on the ride to South Orange.

After work I went home changed and we went to Niel's mom's house to have a birthday dinner for Niel's brother, Mike.

The Summer Olympics ceremony start tonight. I am pysched, espically since it is back in Greece where it all started and espcially since it is NOT in New York. Niel and I are going to buy some Papa Johns (who's your papa?) and watch the games.

A Papa Johns luckily (hopefully it will be tasty) opened a location close by our apartment. Woo hoo. A Quizons also opened up relatively close to us.

So remember how I told you there was a police activity outside of my apartment yesterday evening. Well apparently it is in connection to a double homicide that happened across the street from us. Holy crappola! I always thought our neighborhood and street were safe! In the words ofJoe Schmo 1 "What is going on around here?"

The Last Comic Standing finals were last night. I am glad the three contestants that were picked were the final three. All were very funny. We were pretty glad that John Hefron was crowned the winner. Much success to them.

We think our digital will live. We'll have to wait it out for any long term affects though.

"What ever happened to Fay Ray?" Dr. Frank N. Furter, Rocky Horror.

Goodbye Superfreak.

Rest in peace Queen of Cooking.

2004 is an anniversary year for two New York institutions Central Park and the MTA


Shannon said...

whew! what a day! at least you now have the weekend to recover!

foodiechickie said...

Thank you Shannon.