Monday, August 09, 2004

I took Friday off to have a nice long weekend with Niel. Things will get even busier at work soon and I need a day here and there to rejuvenate.

The temperature between Thursday and Saturday was really cool and reminded me of Fall. I have enjoyed this Summer immensely, but I do love Fall (just not the crowded buses) with the cooler weather, the leaves changing color, the mums and pumpkins on porches/steps.

Friday we slept in a bit and then headed over to Brooklyn. Our first stop was in Red Hook where Niel took me to a sandwich place he used to buy some of his lunches from when he worked in the area. The place is called DeFonte's and they make one mean Sandwich. Niel was very happy to be eating his favorite sandwich again.
We then went to Park Slope. I don't think of myself as a photographer. I just enjoy taking pictures of things that catch my eye. I was so inspired by Park Slope when I was there a few weeks back that I promised myself I would return to try to capture some of its charm. We walked up and down the blocks taking pictures of various things that caught our interest. Afterwards we came back home and I took a nap. I never nap. What's is up with that? I have not napped since I was six! We then got some Starbucks and Chinese food for dinner and we watched the last of the Season 4 tapes of the Sopranos What am I going to do now that Season 5 is not out yet on DVD! WHAT!!!!

Sunday slept in a bit again and then took a drive up to Hyde Park, New York to the home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt; which is upstate and in the county of Duchess. I think a nice day trip here and there is as good as a vacation sometimes, especially if taken frequently enough. We brought our tickets for a tour of his childhood and adult home of Springwood and of the library. First we were shown a movie of the life of this remarkable president. I don't think there has been any president in the 20th Century who has done so much for America. It was quite a moving movie. FDR was loved so much that he was a four-term president. America's only four-term president. Quite remarkable for a man who was handicapped. He was struck with Polio at a young age. We then were given a tour of his home where we discovered he and his wife Eleanor and extraordinary women in her own right lived with his mother Sara who was very much a control freak. Did anyone know that Eleanor was Teddy Roosevelt's niece and a fifth cousin of Franklin once removed? Talk about keeping it in the family. We then went to the family's rose garden (Roosevelt in Dutch mean rose garden) where Roosevelt, his wife and mother and the family Westie Fala are buried. Afterwards we took a look around the museum where more of the family's possessions were on display. Apparently the time when Roosevelt lived it was popular to dress little boys up till five in girls clothing and grow their hair long. Wow, that could not happen now. I very much recommend going to see this historic site .

Sunday we did laundry in the morning and went to Niel's mom's house for a bbq with Mike, Erin, Kelvin & Rachael (who were up from Maryland). Had some steaks, chicken, Kielbasa and salad. The Kielbasa and the marinade for the steaks were awesome. Good job Niel. Then prodded by Kelvin, Mike and Rachael and Mike's mom got into a religious debate. I should have just kept my mouth shut; but I heard some things I really did not care for, so I opened my mouth. I don't care if I do not have kids yet, the point is they are my kids and NO ONE will mess with them when they do arrive or my husband.
My take on religion is I don't think there is only one way to get to heaven. I do not think that is the purpose of religion, but it has become the purpose unfortunately. I think religion has become or maybe always was a way to control people. That if you follow that particular religion then you can go to heaven.
I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus. I was raised as an Armenian Orthodox, but for a very long time now I really have not liked organized religion. I consider myself more spiritual then religious. The only reason I got married in a church was because I am Christian and to keep with traditions. A lot of it has to do with respect for my parents. When Niel and I have children and baptize them those will be the reasons why. And I don't need to convince other people that my way is the only way. So please do not go trying to change my or anyone else's mind about what they should believe in, especially with an attitude.

Kelvin and Rachael then headed back home a bit afterwards and Niel, Mike, Erin and I played Monopoly. Erin beat the crap out the rest of us.

I could so get used to not working. Sure I would be a bit bored at first but I could find ways to occupy my time.


Mike said...

Any pictures we can see from Park Slope?

foodiechickie said...

Yeah sorry. Just getting to the links now. Busy beaver.

Leslie said...

Oh indulge in naps more often! They're so luxurious! He he!
Good for you taking the day off! Much deserved! Sounds like you enjoyed it. ;)

foodiechickie said...

Thank you!

Peruby said...

Amen, Sister on the religion view. I have respect for all religions. This is America, not Cuba.

foodiechickie said...

Thank you as well!