Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Jeopardy wiz Ken has won over a million dollars as of yesterday. Good for him!!

I am still knitting. I can't talk about it because it is a secret. I wish I could have finished sooner I just did not realize what a project it would be. Plus the round needles I am using are messing me up badly.

Lately I am finding a lot of recipes to give as gifts, such as jams, home made bbq sauce, pancake mix, bath salts etc. I just have to pace myself and do one thing at a time.

Will begin to read today Marriage, A Duet, by Anne Taylor Fleming. After reading the book about the Covenant and a classic they wore me out, so I am going to read this trashy book before going back to the heavier material.

I think it is so odd that people take things at face value and not try to probe further and get out of their mindset. I know its scary and it is easier to point fingers and blame others. But why does it have to be a right or wrong issue? I will never figure people out. Never ever.


Mike said...

Noone will ever figure me out ;-)

Anonymous said...

What are you knitting for me?

Anonymous said...

that was me...sorry

foodiechickie said...

Mike - Wasn't trying to. Don't be vain;)~

Maria - A big sheep hat:)