Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I found the blog for Garden State on Curly's site. It's pretty neat. I heard about the movie for a while now and am looking forward to seeing it. I really enjoy Scrubs and am impressed that Zach Braff wrote the screenplay and directed the film. He is actually a day older than me. HAH. Never heard of anyone that close to my birthday.

The receptionist for our office brought a body cream from Sephora that not only moisturizes but also smells nice and shimmers on the skin. It is by Ralph Lauren I cannot find it on either site. But it is a clear bottle with white cream, and a pink label. I think I might buy it tomorrow. It's only $20. What more can a girl want from a beauty product?

On my way to work I pass by a residence for the elderly. A few times I have noticed a man I guess to be between 70 to 80. What is interesting about this man is half his neck and both arms are covered in tattoos and he has piercings in both ears.

Niel and I have been watching the Democratic Conventionon TV. My favorite speakers so far have been Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Ron Reagan and Barack Obama.


curlygirl said...

Ani, isn't it funny the name of the movie is Garden State but it ONLY opens today in NY and LA. I may have to take a trip into the city to go see this movie. I LOVE Zach Braff in Scrubs, I'm sure that I'll like him in this movie, plus how can I not with a name like Garden State : )

foodiechickie said...

Yes Jersey Girl I can see why you would like the movie;) Yes Scrubs and Zach raff are pretty neat. I am so shocked it is not playing out side of NY & LA. Hmph, especially they shoudl play it in NJ. It is not playing in any of the boroughs either, just Manhattan. I hope to see it tomorrow night.

Rachel said...

both the movie and the lotion look great!

foodiechickie said...

The movie appeas to be (let you know more Friday)and the lotion definetly does.