Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I really have to agree with the following. I found it on Stefmike.org

"Friendship is about how much time you devote to the other person. If you want to stay friends, you need to make the effort to do so. You need to keep in touch as much as possible, or else, you shouldn't have the right to complain about the lack in friendship. If you do your part and the other party does not respond, maybe it's time to move on from that friendship. "

I wanted to share a list of handy things from Real Simple and hopefully I will be able to update on a monthly basis.

Double Duty Pantry Items from Real Simple. Some of the original uses are funny.

Rolling Pin
First Usage: Preparing dough for pie crusts
Alternate Usage: Instant chopped nuts. Put a handful of nuts in a plastic bag and then run over them with the rolling pin.

First Usage: Keeping the doctor away
Alternate Usage: Tomato ripener. Mix tomatoes and apples together. The ethylene from the apple will make the tomato ripen faster.

Cake stand
First Usage: Showcasing that yummy caked you baked.
Alternate Usage: Serve appetizers. Stack a smaller cake stand on top of a larger one and wa la two surface areas for your h'or derves.

First Usage: Giving Martinis a Twist.
Alternate Usage: Guacamole Preserver. Squeeze a little lemon into the dim and give a stir. The lemon eliminates the browning when guacamole sits after a while.

We used this brand when making tasty Indian rice this past weekend. I recommend it.

I did end up using this recipe to cook the banana peppers. It was very good and spicy. It reminds me of a dish my mother makes. I am sure you can substitute ground turkey, beef or chicken if you don't care for Italian Sausages.

My knitting is coming along. I am now able to see my mistakes and begin to fix them myself and my speed has steadily improved. I hope at the end of August I can show my results.


davidjdowd said...

"true friendship really does mean that things pick up where they left off - regardless of time passed. Sure people change, things change...but true friends don't need to hash out who lost touch with who, or who moved away and was never heard from again. True friends are just so happy to see each other that their memories of each other immediately whip them into a world where they are best friends, and everyone realizes that time spent away and out of touch is really just normal"

A friend of mine posted that on his page the toher day. I thiikn its pretty true.

curlygirl said...

good for you on the knitting...I tried it once and never again but I want to try it again soon

foodiechickie said...

Good luck!

foodiechickie said...

Dave, I think it's different for everyone.

Michele said...

Hi Ani, I hope your knitting comes out! Hope you're doing well!

foodiechickie said...

Thank you!

LadyGypsy said...

Isn't Real Simple a great magazine? My heart will always belong to Martha, but I've used so many ideas from RS.

Congratulations on the knitting, and having the dedication to stick with it when it got tough.

My maiden name was Dowd...neat to see someone else with it. :)

foodiechickie said...

It is a good magazine! Thanks for the encouragement about the knitting. It is small world I wonder if you two are related?