Monday, July 12, 2004

Another nice weekend unfortunately comes to an end. Thankfully they have been nice. It's sort of sad I spend most of my day thinking when I can go home and to the weekend, or the next vacation day. I guess it is normal. I am always thinking of ahead. Niel says I should think of right now, the moment, which is true. I just rather win the lotto or some long lost relative I never knew of left me money so I can spend my days as a lady of leisure. Hah! But knowing me I would be so bored out of my mind. That's another reason I always plan, I get so very bored easily. I can't sit still. Enough of my tangin.

The weekend was a nice one. Saturday I went to a surprise baby shower for my friend Jennifer hosted by her mother and husband. It was a nice shower with close family and friends. It looks like Jennifer and her hubby have all they need for the baby. They are a nice couple and Niel and I are very happy they will welcome a little sweet baby soon. On that note congratulations to Harry & Anna on the birth of their baby boy. Niel and I also wish them all the best.

Afterwards I went to a bbq at Mike's house. Niel was already there helping out before getting me. Very helpful that Niel. Erin, Mark, Dave and some of Mark's friends and girlfriend were there. Mark borought the largest Kielbasa's I have ever seen.

Sunday we went to see Spiderman.
It was enjoyable. I was particularly interested with Doc Oc's struggle with the struggle he had with the dark side of his personality. This was only really displayed in the beginning and end of the film. But it got me thinking how I think we all struggle with this doing good instead of bad. And I am not just referring to big things like stealing, cheating, lying, saving the world, but I think it matters day to day. Such as consideration and respect for fellow man.

I found this on another site and thought I would share.

What do you enjoy the most(sort of):
best soda? Coke and Welch's grape.
food? Sushi
color? Maroon
age? 29
TV show? Scrubs, Dead Like me & a few others
movie? Napoleon Dynamite
(your best) friends? My hubby.
job? I am in sales. My dream job is writing.
person to marry? Already am to Niel
place to live? Canada or England.
color to wear in spring? Light blue
song to listen to when you're sad? Don't Dream, It's Over, Crowded House
song to listen to when your happy? Hey Ya, Outkast
car? A Ford
candy? Don't eat too much. If I do lately Nerds On A Rope.
book? Anything when I was a child
web site?
state? New York
paper clip color? Blue
place to socialize? Home or at a friend's house.
place to go when you're sad? On the couch.
comedian? Carrot Top
actor? Tom Hanks
actress? Judy Denche
singer? Tori Amos
group? White Stripes
season? Fall
snack? Cheese and grapes.
thing to do? Write, read, watch TV, go to the movies, cook, garden if I could.
Jazz musician? Don't know too many. I did like Dizzy Gillespie when I was little. It was the cheeks.
poet? E. E. Cummings
language other than English? Armenian
animated character? Homer Simpson

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