Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Happy Graduation Day to my brother's girlfriend who graduated from FIT. I hope life gives her the best it has to offer!

Last night's dinner was a very tasty Turkey Pot Pie.

Saturday night I made duck legs. We've either been on an Asian food kick or an interesting food kick. The smell of the duck was very nice but it was so fatty the texture was a bit gummy.

I was happy to find that Whole Foods also carries my favorite brand of Madelines, Donsuemor. I only thought Starbucks carried them.

A funny article on pooing in Germany.

Wasn't Sunday's Aliasa holy crap moment? I kind of suspected the ending to turn out that way a few weeks back, but with the addition of Sydney's sister I was thrown off track a bit.

I received the latest Issue of Martha Stewart and there are a few recipes I want to try:Lemon-blackberry pudding cakes, Vietnamese Summer Rolls, Spaghetti with Shrimp Scampi and Lemon meringue Pie. (sorry there aren't any links. When I make the dishes I'll type in the recipes).

I discovered some time ago the British have a different name for eggplant. They call it Aubergine. They use this term since the French do. In our house we call it Patlajan. It is Romanian and since my mother's mom grew up in Romania(yes Dracula country) this is the name we use.

I think Aubergine is a much nicer than eggplant. I thought it was also a pretty name for a girl. Of course I wouldn't name a daughter after a veggie/fruit. I wouldn't want her to go through the troubles that I had and occasionally still do with my name.


Anonymous said...

I also think that aubergine is much prettier-sounding than eggplant. The Brits also use "corgette" instead of zucchini, which I also like better :)

~ laura

foodiechickie said...

I have also heard the different term for Zucchini the Brits use and I agree with you, a lot nicer sounding.

curlygirl said...

That turkey pot pie looks yummy...you're so good with trying recipes. I never do that, but I should really try. The only problem is that everything that looks so good has soooo much carbs in it. My husband and I really try to hold back with the carbs : (

foodiechickie said...

Thanks. I'm sure there are alternatives out there to favorite recipes. My policy is only live once and everything in moderation is ok. And no matter how once diet is people still need to excersize.

foodiechickie said...

I meant ones diet. Plus we always have fruits and veggies with our meals. We loove fruit and the darket the fruit and veggie the better. We have leafy green lettuce instead of iceberg in our salads and eat blueberries and blackberries often. We also hard to believe do not always eat sweets. Especially in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Oh .. interesting about the Romanian name...I thought it was "vinete" or something like that ..my favourite FAVOURITE food being salata de vinete....

Off to the dictionary to check :)

Numai bine