Monday, May 24, 2004

The weekend was a good one. Saturday we got errands out of the way. We don't have a closet in our guest room and needed extra space to store clothing. Early in the morning, Niel and Mike went to Ikea to purchase it(I can't find a link to it). They took Mike's car since it has more room. I stayed home and made space in the guest room for the new closet. Later on we rested for a bit before splitting up the rest of the chores. I did laundry while Niel went grocery shopping. Afterwards he went to play softball while I did some more things around the house. I was happy the weather was good enough for Niel to play. In the evening we tried to see Shrek 2, but it was sold out. We went to see Troy instead. It was well done. I thought I would be drooling after Orlando Bloom, but I ended up drooling for Eric Bana (he looks good scruffy).

Sunday Niel worked a good deal on putting together the closet while I rearranged our photo albums. Our living room looks like a closet threw up. We then took a quick treck to the fair in Middle Village and brought ourselves a sausage and pepper hero for lunch. Yummy Yummy. Afterwards we took the train into the city to see the world's best movie Napoleon Dynamite.We met up with the funny and nice Dave and the equally funny and nice Holly at the theater. Everything about this movie was awesome. The acting, directing and writing. The theater would not stop laughing. Here is a link how you can see this movie for free. If you can't see it before it's release on June 11 then please pay for it and see it. I cannot wait till it is out on video so I can watch it over and over again. I know it will get lost during the Summer block busters but I hope not. A big thank you to Dave for telling Niel about this fabulous film. Afterwards the four of us went to eat some dinner at Tikka Masala. A good Indian restaurant in Maspeth. It was a good weekend.


curlygirl said...

I want to go see Troy also. But what about Brad Pitt? You didn't mention how he was in the movie. I LOVE HIM...and want to watch the movie mostly because of him.

foodiechickie said...

That's what I went for although I read the book in high school but I came out liking Eric Bana a lot more. Pitt was quite the hotty though:)
I would recomend seeing Napoleon too! And no I'm not getting any money for saying that:)

foodiechickie said...

No I lied I went more for Orlando Bloom then Brad but liked Eric more.